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About Capability Centre

Capability Centre is an executive training and coaching company run by Louise Rogers, who also writes children's books (Colin the Crocodile) as well as indulging in a few other things that don't begin with "C"! ...such as having fun, enjoying her family and working out how to avoid getting injured playing rugby.

Greatest predictor of sales success

One of the greatest predictors of sales success is the number of contacts made with prospective customers or clients. I discovered this principle years ago – when I noticed that the guys who asked out more girls were most likely to … Continue reading

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Unlocking Potential Energy

Albert Einstein was undoubtedly one of the most influential physicists of our time and a number of his invaluable insights readily translate to the business world. According to Einstein, “most teachers waste their time by asking questions which are intended to discover … Continue reading

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“thank you” is a competitive advantage

When did life get too complicated for a simple thank you? These simple words have become a point of difference and competitive advantage. Thank you has been shown to increase staff loyalty, productivity and satisfaction. Continue reading

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